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Who Is The Doctor?Edit

The Eleventh Doctor first appears in the final minutes of The End of Time (2010). The Tenth Doctor, succumbing to radiation poisoning, sets his TARDIS into orbit around the Earth and regenerates. The resulting energy causes the TARDIS's windows to shatter and the console room to burst into flames, parts of it even collapsing as a result. The Eleventh Doctor inspects his new appearance — briefly panicking about his long hair in the belief that he has changed into a girl and then innocently confirming otherwise — before realising that the TARDIS is crashing. He clings to the TARDIS console, shouting, "Geronimo!" as the ship falls towards London before finally coming to rest in the backyard of a young Amelia Pond in the opening moments of "The Eleventh Hour." Amelia quickly befriends the Doctor — believing him to be a policeman who has come about the crack in her bedroom wall — and cooks him several meals in an attempt to satiate his post-regeneration hunger, all of which he rejects, before settling with fish fingers dipped in custard. After his meal and a quick inspection of the crack, the Doctor is interrupted by the sound of the Cloister Bell, indicating that the TARDIS's engines are "phasing" and that it will soon explode. In an attempt to vent the engines by travelling five minutes into the future, the Doctor overshoots his mark and travels twelve years instead. When he returns, he reunites with an adult Amy and puts an end to the Atraxi's threat to incinerate the Earth if they cannot find Prisoner Zero, a multiform who had escaped an Atraxi prison through the crack in Amy's wall. After the confrontation, the Doctor accidentally travels two years into the future while wearing in the new TARDIS engines, and convinces Amy to come travel with him since she has "waited long enough."Edit

On Amy's first voyage in the TARDIS the two come across Starship UK, the floating population of the British people. The Doctor and Amy set free the last star whale, which the government had been torturing to fly the ship. After this, the Doctor gets a call from an old friend, Winston Churchill, asking for help while the shadow of a Dalek looms behind him. Arriving in London, the Doctor is tricked by the Daleks into helping them activate a 'Progenitor device' that allows them to create a new generation of Daleks, the Doctor being forced to allow the Daleks to escape to prevent a bomb from destroying Earth. During a meeting with River Song, the Doctor learns that he will meet her again - in her past and his future - at the "opening of the Pandorica", something that he calls a fairy tale. He also discovers that the crack in reality he discovered in Amy Pond's house is caused by a temporal explosion that will occur at some point in Amy's present.Edit

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