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Who Is Amy Pond?Edit

An orphan,Amy Pond meets The Doctor in "The Eleventh Hour", the first episode of the 2010 series. Her boyfriend, Rory Williams, is a nurse.In "The Eleventh Hour", she first meets the Doctor as a child (age 7). The Doctor promised to return in '5 minutes', but due to an erratic, malfunctioning TARDIS, does not reunite with her until 12 years later (age 19). In the intervening time, she had been to four psychiatrists as a result of her insistence on the reality of the Doctor (and bit all of them). After their reunion, in which Amy helps the Doctor save the earth from the Atraxi, it is 2 years (for Amy, how long for the Doctor is not specified) before the Doctor returns for her, and invites her to travel with him -- totaling 14 years total between their first meeting and her first trip in the TARDIS at age 21. The night she left with the Doctor was the night before her wedding. She made the Doctor promise to bring her back the next morning but did not tell him she was getting married.Edit

Amy referred to herself as Amelia as a child, and grew up living with her aunt though often home alone. She was capable of cooking for herself at the age of seven. When met again at nineteen, she was working as a kissogram, considering the job 'a laugh'.[11] She picked up other skills along the way, such as lockpicking.[3]Edit

During the episode "Victory of the Daleks" the Doctor refers to the events of "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End" when talking to Amy about the Daleks and is concerned when Amy does not remember these events. [12]Edit

In "Flesh and Stone", she reveals her upcoming wedding to the Doctor and attempts to seduce him, which he turns down. It is also revealed that the cracks in the universe may revolve around her and that the cracks are originating from a temporal explosion that takes place on 26 June 2010, the date of Amy's wedding.Edit

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